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Our Covid-19 Response

At Fudge Farm we have already taken a number of steps in support of our team and guests, with increased safety measures and operational changes. And, we’ll continue to do all we can to help everyone remain safe throughout these uncertain times. Below are some examples of the actions we have taken...

Cleaning & Sanitation






Checkout Registers



Temperature Testing

download (1).jpg

Face Masks 

& Gloves

For All Staff


The Fudge Farm team spent entire days focusing on every detail to protect our staff and your safety. We are so excited to announce our re-opening on (Saturday May 16th) at the Waterfront location 10am to 9pm Monday-Saturday / 11am to 9pm Sunday, and the East Carson St. location 11am to 11pm Monday Thru Thursday, 11am - Midnight Friday & Saturday & Noon to 10pm Sunday. We will be open for normal business hours including our services on Uber Eats, Grub Hub, Door Dash & Post Mates.,We anticipate your next visit!

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